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March in our Planter Boxes

April 4, 2018

The planter boxes have quietened down a bit in the last few weeks as they lose a bit of the full sun. But we are still getting some goodies out of it each week - green beans, basil, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, sage, thyme, courgette and some broccoli.


This great photo was taken by Sam ( who runs the kitchen at Riccarton House). It really shows where a lot of our food for the cafe, weddings and private dinners comes from. Hand planted seedlings that grow into the plants and vegetables and herbs that fill and garnish your plates.


We are doing a little strawberry plant transplanting before it is time for those plants to hunker down for the winter. Our strawberry patch has become a little over grown so to make sure that we get a great crop, to share with you all next year we are going to make sure that each plant is well spaced and will receive enough light to add enough flavour into each strawberry.








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